Trademark Services

Trademark Registration

Need to File a New Trademark Application or Conduct a Comprehensive Trademark Search?

Have a business name or logo and interested seeing if you can apply for Trademark registration? Our firm offers a wide variety of different search and registration options you can choose from. With services starting at $299, we make the process simple and affordable.

Statement of Use

Already Filed a Section 1(B) Intent to Use Trademark Application and Need to File a Statement of Use?

Have you already filed a Section 1 b) trademark application, and now need to file your statement of use with the USPTO? It is important that you submit your statement of use before the deadline, as the failure to do so will result in abandonment of your trademark application.

Office Action Response

Already Filed a Trademark Application and Did You Receive and Office Action?

Have you already filed a trademark application, but have just received an Office Action from the USPTO? It is important that you respond to an Office Action the correct way, as failure to do so can result in the abandonment of your application and losing your filing fee.