Registered Trademark Services

Trademark Renewals

Need to file a renewal?

Trademark Registrations require mandatory upkeep. These required maintenance documents have specific filing requirements that if missed, can cause the abandonment of your registration The Law Firm of Sausser & Spurr offers flat rate prices for assistance with requisite filings.

Cease & Desist Letters

Did you receive or do you need to send a cease and desist letter?

Do you need to stop someone from using your trademark, or you have just received a cease and desist letter from another trademark owner, the attorneys at The Law Firm of Sausser & Spurr, LLC can help!

Trademark Monitoring

Interested in trademark monitoring to ensure your registered trademark remains valid?

Registering a trademark represents the first step in the brand protection process. However, you need to monitor the unauthorized use of your mark by third-parties. Our monitoring service alerts you via email of confusingly similar uses as well as notifies you of any required maintenance filings that are due to ensure your mark stays valid.

Oppositions or Cancellations

Need help protecting your trademark in an actual legal proceeding?

Oppositions and cancellations are actual legal proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB).  These proceedings can get a pending application withdrawn or cancel a current registered mark.

Trademark Assignment

Do you need to change the owner of a trademark?

Trademark Registrations often change hands. It’s important to keep the USPTO updated regarding these changes in order to maintain your right to communicate and file the necessary registration paperwork. We can assist you with transferring your trademark rights as well as recording your new owner information with the USPTO.